Saturday, May 26, 2018

2018 Summer Season! Goals and project update!

     We had a slow winter out in Bluff Creek with the snow blocking much of the backcountry access since November 2017. We hope to access Bluff Creek soon and retrieve the cams  when the gates open and the snow clears. We have some new cams to install down there and plan to retire a few of the older ones. It was difficult to service the cams late October and had to pull several of the because we lacked the proper bear boxes.

     This Summer is all about organization and maintenance. The first half of the old historic trail was brushed last year but it dead ends in the creek. Most people just walk upstream from there to the film site but newcomers might have a hard time finding the right spot. This year we hope to finish brushing the trail on the other side of the creek which leads up to the film site itself. I also want to get a few small markers/monuments to mark the frame 352 location and Roger's filming position.

So our tentative plans for the summer are to hike in and service the cams in the next week or two. Then we have our annual July trip taking place July 5-8. Then we will have a August trip usually mid August as well as an early October trip. All are welcome to come and camp with us down at Louse Camp during these trips, but keep in mind we will be working and doing maintenance and not "Squatching" for most of the day. Although we usually do a couple night hikes to see what wildlife we can stir up.

So at this point that is our plan for the Summer. You can donate or contribute to our project at: