Humboldt Marten Data

Humboldt Marten Data:

Fall 2016 Update:
I added photo 6-14 which appeared on a low lying camera at the Patterson Gimlin film site between 7-9-2016 and 7-25-2016. On 7-25-2016 I thought this camera to be too low to the ground and after I serviced it I moved it up the tree about a foot. I did this before checking the card not knowing that I would get the best shots of the summer on that cam. Unfortunately I wasn't able to come back out to the site to lower the cam yet. So it likely reduced the number of photo triggers. I now know that unless the cameras are close to the ground they will not pick up these small animals.

One of the more interesting occurrences is that in two photos the marten can clearly be seen with what appears to be a mushroom in it's mouth. This is the only instance of a marten eating a mushroom that I'm aware of.

Spring 2016 update:
Plug camera detections:
The camera that was installed on 9-28-2014 at research station #3 nicknamed "the plug" and was incorrectly set, the date on the camera started on 1-01-2014 so each date need to add nine months and 28 days. According to my log the camera also was set at about 9pm so the photo time needs to be retarded about 21 hours. All my calculations are back of the napkin so feel free to take liberty with the data.
Other camera detections:
We have seen mustelids before on our trail cameras but the resolution was low and often the photos were overlooked and assumed to be mink. These include sightings at Station #1 "the film site" and station #4 at the "bear wallow". Please see our camera station guide for clarification on our individual research stations.
According to my calcs:
Photo 1 was taken on 12-03-2014 at about 21:52:59
Photo 2 was taken on 1-17-2015 at about 01:04:39
Photo 3 was taken on 5-04 -2015 at about 16:47:02
Photo 4 was taken on5-21-2015 at about 19:27:13
Photo 5 was taken on 5-28-2015 at about 19:13:30
Camera date and time as noted on the photos:
Photo 1, 2-07-2014 00:52:59
Photo 2, 3-19-2014 03:04:39
Photo 3, 7-08-2014 13:47:02
Photo 4, 7-25-2014 16:27:13
Photo 5, 8-01-2014 16:13:30

This was a retroactive update as i had to correct some information. Photos 1-5 were from our first confirmed detection in the winter of 2014-2015

Current Data:
Photo Date Time LatitudeLongitude Photo
1 12-03-2014 21:52:59  41°26'16.81"N 123°42'27.93"W
Photo 1

2 1-17-2015 01:04:39 41°26'16.81"N 123°42'27.93"W
Photo 2

3 5-04 -2015 16:47:02 41°26'16.81"N 123°42'27.93"W
Photo 3

4 5-21-2015 19:27:13 41°26'16.81"N 123°42'27.93"W
Photo 4

5 5-28-2015 19:13:30 41°26'16.81"N 123°42'27.93"W
Photo 5

6 7-12-2016 08:23:06  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 6
7 7-12-2016 08:23:09  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 7
8 7-12-2016 08:23:11  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 8
9 7-20-2016 05:18:30  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 9
10 7-21-2016 01:52:51  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 10
11 7-21-2016 22:41:51  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 11
12 7-23-2016 02:08:44  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 12
13 7-24-2016 09:02:51  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 13
14 7-24-2016 09:02:55  41°26'25.33"N123°42'5.59"W
Photo 14

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