Visit the Patterson-Gimlin Film site!

We routinely have trips to the Patterson-Gimlin film site during the summer to service the trail cameras. We camp at Louse Camp Just a few miles away and easily accessed by car or truck. There's even a toilet, picnic tables and fire pits! We usually go squatching at night as well with night vision and all the cool gadgets. If you want an invite to come camping with us down at Louse Camp on one of our trips please donate to the project or try and contribute something. All of our donors are welcome to come and hang out with us down there. The suggested donation is $100 to help cover the costs of battery changes and such. You can even come down to the film site with us. We can't "guide" you down there but you can tag along as long as you don't slow us down.

If you want a private trip down there we suggest you donate at least $500 to the film site project for a new trail camera system. Our time is limited and it costs about $100 in fuel for us to get out there, not to mention food and beer. But for $500 we would make the trip and cook up some good food for you. All the money goes towards cameras, batteries, and beer.

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