Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bad news everyone!

Bad news everyone! I pulled two cams that weren't working properly at our Bluff Creek east ridge location. I just ran some tests and they both have faulty PIR sensors so they just keep taking videos until the card fills up. These cams were older model 2012 Bushnell cameras. Looks like one has some water damage. A bear had twisted the bear box around so water pooled in the bottom. It kind of makes me sad because this camera belongs to Mark Vergemort who passed away last spring. We were hoping it would last but it appears that it's pretty broken. We are on our way to reaching our goal to purchase some new batteries. We even got a generous donation of 240 alkalines to run the cams during the summer (only lithiums can last the cold winter).

So at this point we need to get at least two more cameras going in the next few weeks to continue our complete coverage up on the ridge where we got the ringtail. If you guys have any extra old cameras lying around you could donate that would be really awesome! Or you could donate to help replace them with new cams. I'm going to add a cheaper camera option since these cams were not the "Black Out" models. We just need the regular Trophy Cams. They run about $144 each right now on Amazon. Anything helps!

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