Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flash update! Marble Lost! Marten Found!

Flash update! Just got back from hiking Bluff Creek and the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site with State Park Ranger Robert Leiterman and we ended up servicing all the trail cameras, repairing damaged stations, and installing new cameras. We were working for about eight hours down on the creek and got a bunch of work done.

So two weeks ago on July 9th we were able to retrieve the memory cards of the cams but the winter storms had drained most of the cameras and only two of the ten remained on through the spring. This was super disappointing since we were trying to capture a super rare and cryptic Humboldt Marten. While we were down at the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site, our project member Rowdy Kelley brought a single marble with him to hide down at the Patterson-Gimlin film site, we had no idea what he was doing but we just went with it. He ended up hiding it in a big tree that is visible in the 1967 film. This was to become one of the prized treasures of the Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt and was worth several hundred dollars. It would surely be a most difficult journey for any family that ventured to visit the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site! You can read more about the marble here on the Facebook Page:

Facebook Page for The Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt!

Here is Rowdy's clue video:

On today's trip, ranger Robert and I headed down to service the cams and do some much needed trail maintenance so no one could get lost down there. We could tell that people had been there from the trampled grass and when we got to the film site and checked the marble hiding spot, it was gone! Someone got it! When we check the log book the last person on the log had written that they were unsuccessful in finding it.

The missing Marble, about two inches in diameter.
Well, when I got home this evening about 10pm I went right away to check the memory cards to see who took the marble, I discovered we had captured some really great photos of a marten! He has been living at the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site! We also checked with the three other parties (via facebook) that had been to the Bigfoot site since we hid it, and they didn't find it! We had cameras on the location and they clearly show only three groups at the site! The hole the marble was in is the perfect spot for a Humboldt Marten to find an interesting new toy to play with... So for now the marble is lost! Displaced by some playful forest critter!? Perhaps a curious Bigfoot!? Can you help us find the lost marble? It has a value of several hundred dollars and is currently missing at the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site. Just be careful on your journey down to Bluff Creek! We recently caught another creature prowling the old road from the parking area that goes the creek!

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